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Our Purpose

"Education beats at the heart of sustainability."

                           - Andrea Illy

The Wayne Tomorrow Sustainability Committee and partners are dedicated to educating our local residents on recycling opportunities that will aid in moving us toward growing a greener community.

  • REFUSE what you don't need.

  • REDUCE what you do need.

  • REUSE what you can't reduce.

  • RECYCLE what you can't reuse.

  • REBUY (buy recycled).

  • REPAIR what is broken.


What gets recycled and where?

Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of where various items can be recycled around our local area.  We will continue to add to and update this resource as more information becomes available.


Meet Our Local Sustainability Super Stars!

Bins at Wayne County Recycling Center

The Recycling Center, owned and operated by Wayne County, serves as the main collection and processing facility and houses the administrative offices of the Solid Waste Department. Materials collected through the countywide drop off program are delivered to the Recycling Center, where they are processed and prepared for delivery to various markets. The Wayne County Recycling Center is located on Route 652 in Berlin Township between Indian orchard and Beach Lake.

Rocket Composter

Wayne County and the Wayne Highlands School District were awarded a grant which enabled them to purchase a Rocket Composter for the school facility to enhance a recycling and composting program for students. The composter recycles food waste from the school district and cuts the need for costly collection and disposal of large amounts of organic waste material. The students learn to separate their waste efficiently and to take into consideration how and where that waste is handled.


Honesdale's Victims' Intervention Program collects cell phones and distributes them to people in need. Your cell phone can be dropped off at the Honesdale Police Station on Main Street or at the Wayne county Recycling Center in Beach Lake at 66 Volunteer Drive.

Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling

The Honesdale Lions Club is the local chapter of a worldwide charitable society devoted to social service. The Honesdale Lions Club has been collecting eye glasses for over 10 years, averaging about 150 pairs per month, as part of their Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program. Donated eyeglasses are distributed to people in need. Contact them for a list of many convenient locations in/near Honesdale where drop boxes can be found.

Green Outlet

Green Outlet in Honesdale, PA is located on Brown Street, next to Agway. The store is open seven days a week. The business sells used furniture, appliances, décor, and more. Their sustainable style ensures that these items are repurposed and reused rather than ending up in a landfill.

2017 Book Swap

The 2017 Book Swap was held in November at the Park Street Complex in Honesdale, PA. This annual event, organized by Jenna Mauder, is an opportunity for members of the community to rejuvenate their personal libraries by donating books and taking home new ones.

Repurposed Art

The Wayne County Public Library hosts many events, including this one, where unconventional materials are used to make repurposed art. Check out their website for upcoming events and creative opportunities.

Roots and Rhythm

The Roots and Rhythm festival that takes place each June in Honesdale is now a three-time Waste Watcher Award recipient as a result of the waste diverted during the 2015 event. In 2016, the event donated 38 large bags of food waste and compostable materials to a local farm, produced 480 pounds of recyclables, and only 360 pounds of trash. Roots and Rhythm demonstrates a real commitment to the environment and to all who live here and visit this special town during this event.

Paper Caves

The Paper Caves is a large-scale art installation located at Basin and Main in Honesdale, PA. This free exhibit, created by Samuelle Green, is created out of roughly one million pages from used books. This work uses recycled materials to express the idea that humans take so much of the intricacies in the natural world for granted.

Home depot recycle bins

If you are looking to recycle old power tool batteries, check out these bins at our local Home Depot store to find out about their Battery Recycling Program.

Natures Grace

Nature's Grace is a natural foods store and deli located on Main Street in Honesdale. Along with healthy dietary counseling, Nature's Grace models a variety of sustainable living practices in their day-to-day operations. Stop in and check them out.


Every year, SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support) hosts a SWAPAPALOOZA! at their annual fundraiser on the first Thursday in May. In addition to bidding on great gifts and donations, guests are encouraged to bring 1 item to SWAP with another for free! This fun-filled recycling event encourages all to consider donating anything that has value. See the SEEDS website for details.

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