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A Brief History of Recycling

Recycling has been practiced for thousands of years and is particularly evident throughout historical times of distress.  Before the industrial revolution, it was less expensive to rebuild, repair, and/or repurpose something rather than surrender it as waste and buy new.  Let's take a look at the development of recycling over the years and its place in the quest for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Voyage of the Mobro 4000

— March 22, 1987

The Mobro 4000 was a barge owned by MOBRO Marine, Inc.  In 1987, carrying more than six million pounds of garbage from New York, the Mobro 4000 set out on what would become a 6,000 mile long voyage up and down the eastern coast of North America looking for a port willing to take its cargo.  This international fiasco fueled the modern recycling movement as it inspired people to rethink their wasteful habits.

VIDEO:  Retro Report

Current Recycling News

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