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Reduce: Ideas On How To Use Less

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

It's important to know what to look for in your stainless steel water bottle, and what to avoid. Nope, they're not all created equal.

Truly Recycled Toilet Paper: Cloth Toilet Paper Facts

If you're really ready to be a hippie, cloth toilet paper is the answer. I know, I sounds pretty "out there" when you first hear about it. But I encourage you to read this article on it to learn the truth.

Fabric Gift Wrap: Your Unique Wrapping Alternative

One beautiful and sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping paper is fabric gift wrap. This unique gift wrap idea is reusable for many years and can be very affordable.

4 Steps to Stop Receiving Junk Mail

Put an end to the stacks of junk mail and you could save an average of 69 POUNDS of paper each year. That's the equivalent of saving a 10 year old from the trash in each household every year.

Truly Reusable Razors

Disposable razors are expensive and dull quickly. Plus they're not nearly as cool as safety razors and other supplies to "reduce reuse recycle" your shaving habits.

3 Alternatives to Plastic Food Storage Containers

Getting rid of plastics is a big step, and food storage tends to be one that people question. But there are many alternatives that are safer, healthier and cheaper than chemical-filled, short-lived plastic containers.

35+ Alternatives to Common Plastic Items

Don't think all plastic is avoidable? Learn what you can use to replace common things like a plastic toothbrush, shower curtain, hard hat, and more.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Using reusable bags is a popular recommendation for green living. Whether you buy them or make them, just remember to keep them in your trunk.

From Sustainable Baby Steps

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